You have got to look good to stand out from the crowd

Aelite design innovative bespoke websites that depict the essence of your company and attract customers by offering visual appeal, user friendliness and exceptional functionality. Relying on a template won’t get you noticed or help to sell your business or your brand, which is why we develop the highest quality webite using the latest technology. While we agree that the aesthetics of a website is important, it’s the quality of build that determines how well it is carried out.

Our friendly, dedicated team will work in collaboration with you to enhance your existing branding or create you a whole new website, designed with your target customer in mind. We provide full training on how to use and operate the website as well as manage a hosting service so that changes or updates can be made to the website in the future.  Our mission is to provide magnificent results for your business and an outstanding experience for your users.

As all of our websites are database driven, the content can be managed via a log-in area, which you will have access to. Depending on your company requirements we give you the flexibility to chose an open source CMS platform such as WordPress or opt for a fully bespoke front and back end.

Responsive Website Design as Standard

Responsive design involves creating and building websites to be flexible; adjusting to work with a range of mobile and desktop devices, varying screen sizes and resolutions. Whether it’s an Android smart phone, an iPad or desktop PC, responsive means they all use the same website address. The result is a great user experience, no matter how they access your site and will increase your sales as well as extend the life of your website.

Responsive website design should not be an afterthought as it is essential for the success of most web projects.  It improves search engine performance, making it easier to update and optimise content, thus allowing you to stay ahead of the competition and gain access to the fastest growing sector of the online market.


If you are considering a bespoke website for your business it is always beneficial to talk through your requirements to understand the best options available.

There is no obligation or hard sell, for us it is only about finding you the right solution.