About Portfolio


White Orchid Property is a residential lettings company owned by Amy Froud, who has worked in the industry for many years. She founded White Orchid Inventory Services after realising the increasing demand for detailed and accurate property inventories.

With the implementation of the tenancy deposit schemes over the past few years, inventories have played a critical role in settling disputes over the condition and content of a property, before and after a tenancy. White Orchid Inventory Services assist in this process by providing landlords and tenants with customised inventory reports.

Due to the client’s current inventory reports being dictated, then manually typed with images inserted, the company looked to the open market for an off-the-shelf inventory solution. There were many applications available, however nothing as comprehensive or flexible as required. Realising the potential, Aelite were drafted in to build a custom built property inventory system. The challenge was to create a user-friendly, web-based application.


Through a series of meetings with the owner and management at White Orchid Property, we established the high-level needs for building a custom built property inventory system. These included the following:

  • An efficient and reliable web based application
  • iPhone and iPad functionality
  • Use on 3G & 4G when WiFi is not available
  • Formatted reports created at the click of a button
  • Ability to store client data for future use
  • Potential for development and future re-sale

The process started with a consultation, and completed with a polished user-friendly web application that ultimately streamlined the business and increased revenue.


Working closely to the business’ specifications, Aelite designed and developed a web-based property inventory application which produces detailed reports required for existing and potential clients.
The application operates through a login portal to provide access to the system. From here, users can create new clients, new properties and details of the property on-site. At any interval, images can be taken on the device and uploaded directly to the software, or inserted later if required.

Additional data, such as room names and items listed are stored for future use, while the user types and suggestions are provided for quicker inputting. As a result, the property inventory system now has all the ingredients to succeed.