About Portfolio


As SOLD is affiliated with Surrey County Council, with their former web presence limited to a subpage on the SCC website, they wanted to invest in an independent website that would reflect their bespoke approach to outdoor experience programmes. Despite this independence, it was important to allow integration with the SCC website’s CMS.

Our team was tasked with creating a website that not only featured SOLD’s colour scheme, but also contained all important information in a visually-appealing way. In addition to this, website accessibility and navigation were a priority, given SOLD’s affiliation with the SCC.

Incorporating all these features, the website was to have four distinct sections that each appealed to different users:

  1. Schools & Youth Groups
  2. TAZ – The Adventure Zone
  3. Corporate Training & Development
  4. Training Courses


Immediately apparent is how bright and inviting the final result is. With its four distinctive designs to match the different user sections, dynamic functions to add interest alongside the information, and several ways to navigate the site and promote accessibility, we fulfilled all of SOLD’s requirements and added that unique Aelite touch.