About Portfolio

SNS Ltd provides bespoke IT solutions to companies of any size or sector, throughout the UK. From enterprising property development firms all the way to the local government and education establishments, SNS has a proven record of reducing costs and boosting productivity for its clients. It does this by way of quality IT solutions and technical support tailored to individual requirements.

Taking pride in their friendly and enthusiastic approach in an industry that is often seen as clinical and high technical, SNS offers a wide range of IT solutions with a personal service to meet the needs of any team or project. With over ten years experience, it is a respected brand with an approachable image.


SNS came to us seeking creative web design that would reflect their friendly site while making their brand stand out online. They wanted their site to ‘break the mould’ and branch away from standard website layouts typical of the industry. With their current use of WordPress, this required a bespoke WordPress theme.

After some consideration, we designed an unusual diagonal theme, making use of the corners for page tabs and social media links. This added difficulty to making a diagonal theme highly responsive so it would look equally good across all devices.


We delivered a strikingly colourful, one-of-a-kind web design with a diagonal navigation that animates to provide a larger reading pane.  As well as the standard responsive layouts to accommodate smartphones and tablets, this theme increases in size for wider than the average monitors – making it ‘super responsive’.