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Having previously worked with¬†Integrity International Events, we were called upon once again to design and develop a congress system which would enable the company to expand their portfolio of pharmaceutical events. ¬†Integrity were using existing ‘off-the-shelf’ event software, but found was not adequate for the needs of their clients. It was also requested that we deliver the final solution in only 4 weeks.



An intensive planning meeting gave us the opportunity to establish all of the key requirements of this new event portal. This included a lot of new features not present in the original software, including:

  • Integration with Braintree payment platform (Paypal)
  • Date specific prices (i.e. early booking / late booking costs)
  • Ability to voucher codes to enable percentage discounts to the ticket prices.
  • Dynamic lists of available sessions based on the user type.
  • Multiple Hotel listings with available rooms and costs
  • Option to send a receipt directly to additional person (i.e. accounts dept.)
  • In-depth account reporting by activity and user.

To ensure all of the requirements were understood and accounted for, wireframes were sketched out for both the customer facing portal and the admin panel. This enabled us to establish to layout of the front end registration forms and how these would be set up by the event planners in the back end.

Congress Event Portal - wireframes on desk


Back End

Although very different from the original InEvent software, we used the same development framework to save time and cost to the client and to provide a familiar user experience

With each of the wireframes signed off by the client we were clear on the brief and were able to build the complete Congress Portal in a matter of weeks. Each of the requirements were addressed in the final system making each congress portal easy to set up and manage.

All user data is easily accessible for admin users to see registrations and payments made. Bespoke reports were created to provide the complex registration and financial information requested.

Front End

Installed on Integrity Events private domain provides a white label, with the portal itself providing a clean and simply branded interface. Built using responsive technology, the registration pages are accessible using any devices i.e. desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile.

Users are able to register with a password to return to amend registration, to add additional schedule items and accommodation if required. Emails, invoices and receipts are all automatically generated and sent after registration.