About Portfolio


Coffee Cup Equipment is an experienced company that rents coffee machinery to businesses and offices in London and the South East. With over twenty years’ experience, they are proud of their complete care service. They also happen to be our neighbours here at Aelite.

Coffee Cup wanted a bespoke theme that reflected their company and business attitude; they wanted to show how the renting of coffee machines can be interesting. This could be done by putting a focus on their unique selling points; their all-inclusive service, for example.

Alongside this, they wanted us to rework their existing logo, update and improve the website’s images and, of course, make the entire site responsive


The style of their bespoke design emulates that of a coffee house, with an animated logo and content that appears as users scroll down the page. These features give the relatively few pages a lot of impact.

Other details are the left side ‘feature’ navigation, large images in the banners and an ‘isotope galley’ of products for ease of customer viewing.

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