It’s all about people

To ensure we fully understand your business and develop the right software, we base our projects on the deployment of a strong strategy and key stage planning.  What sets us apart is our personable flexible approach to working with clients, so we’d like to share a little about how we work and the process we follow.


At Aelite, it’s all about the people, it’s all about getting to know you and your business, knowing what excites, challenges and makes you tick. It starts with a bespoke consultancy service to fully understand your needs, your business and your brand. We’ll listen, ask questions, provide ideas and constructively challenge you before establishing an outline strategy and feature-set solution that will best meet your needs. We’ll gain an understanding of your existing processes, requirements and the level of budget available for your projects and timescale. We understand that technology is only useful when its answering a genuine need. That’s why we’re all about getting to know you and your business.


Once we have gained a detailed understanding about your business, we can begin a more detailed planning phase for your project. We devote time to Research and Development and love to push the boundaries with a vision of the ideal solution. Everything is taken into account from your deadlines, your budget, to how your business works and what your goals are and which challenges you need to overcome. This phase can include reviewing competitors, exploring strategies as well as taking into account market & design trends and technologies. Once that everyone is on board through planning and creative, we turn to build the software system which best suits your business requirements.


Following planning comes the wireframe process and creative design stage based on the project brief. At this stage we will produce you with a proposal detailing exact specifications as well as fully coloured interactive mock-ups of key pages to establish how the software will work. We’ll proactively come forward with ideas and solutions and define exactly what you ‘must’, ‘should’ and ‘could’ receive from your finished product.


With specifications agreed and designs beginning to emerge, the development of event registration / web-based software and bespoke websites can begin. This is where the project takes shape and we bring ideas to life.

Throughout the project our clients have full visibility of the site and are included in the front and back end software process on our development server.


Testing is the lifeblood that runs through our whole process and doesn’t really just come at the end.

As we develop we are continually testing and re-testing every aspect of the software. This includes everything from user interface (UI) & user experience (UX) to browsers, platforms and devices. We encourage our clients to be involved throughout the process to assist in testing and reviewing the software as we are developing it.

When our clients are completely satisfied with the tested version it will scheduled for launch – Then it’s time to go live!


Going live can sometimes just be the beginning and we are always on-hand to help with additional improvements. After your software package has gone live, we offer a variety of technical maintenance packages and extra training with one of our dedicated Project Manager’s to help with your ongoing needs. From consultancy, planning, design and development to hosting and support, we offer a full end-to-end service.