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5 Reasons why your Company can’t afford to be using Excel


It has always surprised us how many of our new clients are still using spreadsheets to run their businesses or fill the gaps in their off-the-shelf software. From Fortune 500s to new business start-ups, Excel seems to be the go-to application for storing and managing data.

Many people believe that investing in software is too expensive – but what they don’t realise is that Excel could be costing your business even more.

Don’t believe us? Here are five good reasons to ditch Excel:

  1. Spreadsheets are time-consuming to set up and maintain.
  2. They often end up riddled with errors.
  3. They can be confusing and difficult to understand or get to grips with.
  4. Multiple people can’t work on the same document at the same time.
  5. Data has to be input manually and is never real-time.

All these things take time, and as all business owners know, time is money. Excel is one of the biggest time wasters in history – your staff are adjusting column widths when they could be emailing, selling, blogging, marketing or celebrating your amazing profits.

So what’s the solution?

Imagine a tool that simplifies your business. It’s intuitive, it’s easy to use, all your information is in one place, and at a click of a button you get the reports you need, can manage your clients, log time sheets, whatever you need. We’re not talking off-the-shelf products you need to chop and change to fit your business – we’re talking a custom build online application that exactly fits your need.

Now consider a 5 person office team. If they had one piece of software which could add to the whole business, saving each person just 20% of their time… that would be like adding a whole extra person to their office.

Consider the costs involved in employing another person. Consider the lifetime cost of that person to your business. Now do you think developing that bit of software is expensive?

Bespoke software is by far the best return on investment available.

And as your company grows, your software can grow with you – in fact, we design it to expand as your business does.

So, next time you go to open up that spreadsheet, see if you can find the formula that works out how much time and money you could be saving.

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